Comunn GÓidhlig Bhancoubhair

The Gaelic Society of Vancouver

Established 1908

Motto: Lean gu dl¨th ri cli¨ do shinnsir
(Follow closely the traditions of your ancestors)

Ceanglaichean - Alphabetic list of Gaelic links of interest...
C˛isir GhÓidhlig Bhancoubhair - Vancouver Gaelic Choir
Our sister organization, formed in 1983
Slighe nan GÓidheal
Washington's Gaelic language and cultural society
Guth nan Eilean - Victoria Gaelic Choir
Vancouver Island's Gaelic Choir, founded in 1997
Sabhal M˛r Ostaig
Gaelic College - National Centre for Gaelic Language, Isle of Skye
Comhairle na GÓidhlig - The Gaelic Council of Nova Scotia
Creating an environment in Nova Scotia where Gaelic language, culture, and communities thrive.
Comunn GÓidhlig AstrÓilia - The Scottish Gaelic Association of Australia
Supporting the language and culture of Scottish Gaels in Australia.
Comunn GÓidhlig Ottawa - The Ottawa Gaelic Society
The Gaelic voice in the National Capital and host of M˛d Canada
BBC Alba
BBC Scotland's Radio, TV, and Gaelic Education website
B˛rd na GÓidhlig
The principal public body in Scotland responsible for promoting Gaelic development
Comhairle nan Leabhraichean - The Gaelic Books Council
Raising the profile of Scottish Gaelic books and authors - wide range of Gaelic books & music.
Comunn an Luchd-ionnsachaidh (Clý GÓidhlig)
The voice of adult Gaelic learners
An Comunn GÓidhealach Ameireaganach - The American Scottish Gaelic Society
Sponsors of the U.S. National M˛d: Celebrating Scottish Gaelic song, music, language & culture
Comunn na GÓidhlig
Established in 1984 to co-ordinate new developments in Gaelic language policy.
An Comunn GÓidhealach - The Gaelic Association
Founders of the Royal National M˛d and a network of provincial M˛ds across Scotland
Wikipedia - Scottish Gaelic page
Information on history orthography, and usage of the language, many external Gaelic links
Am Faclair Beag - Online Gaelic Dictionary
An English - Scottish online Gaelic dictionary incorporating Dwelly
Celtic Lyrics Corner
Database of Gaelic & Celtic song lyrics
TAIC - Online Gaelic grammar course
Comprehensive 55-lesson grammar course with audio pronunciation files
Web Page Maker, create your own web pages.