Dealbhan: Photo Gallery

This is our oldest Society photo: Society members enjoying the annual picnic at Bowen Island  in 1911.

Another annual picnic at Bowen Island Text on photo says “Lewis Gaelic Picnic July 1927”
A large group of over 350 attended this society picnic at Bowen Island in 1936. The picnic included piping and dancing competitions, and a good time was had by all!
The society’s 50th anniversary in 1958. Chief Norman Finlayson along with the youngest and oldest members. (Little Catherine Morrison’s mother, Jean Morrison, is one of our society’s life members)
Gaelic Society members who were on the committee organizing the building of the Cultural Center in 1983. On the left: Jim Graham, and in the middle: Dr. John Angus Smith, Mary MacIver, and Duncan MacKenzie.

Society chief and past chiefs at the 100th Anniversary celebrations May, 2008. Back Row: Murdo MacIver (Tolsta), Iain MacIver, Murdo MacIver (Arnol) and Duncan MacKenzie. Front Row: Maureen Lyon, John MacLeod, and Morag Black.

Gaelic Society Committee – 100th Anniversary, May 2008. Back Row: Angela McLeod, Duncan Mackenzie, Murdo (Tolsta) Iain MacIver, Murdo (Arnol), Jim Graham, John MacLeod, Jeannie MacIntosh MacLeod. Front Row: Jenny Dunsmuir, Donelle MacKenzie, Maureen Lyon, Peggy Smith, Aileen Graham and Morag Black